QBAR Comprehensive Technology Standards

Dust/Water Protection

  • IP 55 (Dust Protected/Sprinkler Proof.)
  • IP 65 (Dust Tight / Jet Proof)
  • IP 67 (Dust Tight / Water Tight)
  • IP 68 (Water Resistance)


Performance Design

  • Temperature Rise
  • Short Circuit
  • Thermal Cycling Test (Tap-off + Busbar)
  • IP Rating 55/65
  • Clearance & Creepage distance


  • Dielectric Test 2.2 KV
  • Impulse Withstand 9.8 Kv
  • Glow Wire test 960 C
  • Insulation Resistance Against Heat And Fire


  • Resistance to Corrosion (Heat  + Salt Mist)
  • Resistance To Crushing
  • Ability to Withstand Mechanical Loads (Busbar + Joint)

Protective Circuit

  • Short-circuit withstand strength of the protective circuit
  • Effective Earthing Continuity < 100mohm

Fire Resistance

  • Fire Resistance > 300 Mins IEC 60331
  • Glow Wire test 960 C
  • Insulation Resistance Against Heat And Fire

Q-BAR Busbar Ranges

Busbar Range from 100A to 10000A

Conductor Choices:


  • Bare
  • Tin Plated
  • Silver Plated (at Joints)


  • Bimetal
  • EC Grade
  • Tin Plated


FAT Report

  • Testing done for Every Piece (No Samples).
  • Insulation Dielectric Tests; (1KV DC – 5kV(Hi-Pot). 2.5 KV AC ) for every piece. 
  • Tests Includes Dimension Checks; (piece Length, Piece Dimensions, Clearances).
  • Joint Checks (Monoblock Installed) .
  • Visual Check For Damage; (marks), & Sealant Checks, & ID Checks.
  • Complete FAT Report for Each Delivery, NO SAMPLES; Every Piece with unique part No. 

Why Choose

Every detail is carefully studied and designed to ensure the betterment of the system as a whole.

First Busbars Manufactured In Egypt

Q-Bars are the pioneering busbars produced in Egypt, offering several benefits such as saving up to 3 months in delivery time by avoiding sea freight. Customers can rely on a guaranteed source and quality, avoiding unknown brands and questionable qualities. Moreover, they have access to a complete engineering team for any assistance they might need.

Complete IEC Testing

Q-Bars undergo comprehensive testing according to IEC61439-1/6 standards, ensuring their reliability and safety. They are type-tested with the highest short circuit withstand capability of up to 50 KA for 3 seconds at one of the largest laboratories in the world, Dekra in the Netherlands.

Complete Warranty

Q-Bars provide worry-free installations with a warranty of up to 3 years, ensuring peace of mind for customers regarding the durability and performance of the product.

After Sales Service

Q-Bars offer efficient after-sales service with an experienced technical team capable of reaching any site within 24 hours. In case of any component replacement, it can be done within 48 hours, helping customers save costs associated with malfunctioning busbar lines and airfreight.

Green Product

Q-Bars prioritize environmental sustainability, with over 98% of the product materials being recyclable. By sourcing more than 60% of raw materials from the GCC region, Q-Bars minimize energy usage and pollution for transportation, leading to the lowest environmental impact possible.

Fastest Delivery, Best Service, Competitive Pricing

Q-Bars promise fast delivery times as low as 4 weeks, coupled with excellent service and competitive pricing. An experienced engineering team is available for measurements and provides complete isometric drawings to facilitate installation.

Maintenance-Free Installation

Q-Bars feature a unique joint design ensuring maintenance-free installation. Special Belleville spring washers are used to maintain joint pressure, eliminating the need for retightening bolts, thereby reducing maintenance requirements and ensuring hassle-free operation.