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ctrical Industries

Q-Bars Busbar trunking system is a smart solution designed for Power Transmission and Distribution of electrical power systems.

Protective Circuit



Q-bar Busbar Trunking System Construction

The system can be modified and expanded to meet different needs.

Dust/Water Protection

Fire Resistance

Performance Design

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Every detail is carefully studied and designed to ensure the betterment of the system as a whole.

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Testing & Commissioning

The Q-BAR busbar trunking system is meticulously crafted to excel in every aspect, from construction to materials, ensuring it stands out as the premier choice. With increasing demand for efficient busbars in various settings like towers, skyscrapers, malls, hotels, and industrial buildings, we’ve prioritized an efficient design to guarantee worry-free installations for our clients. To achieve this, we’ve invested in cutting-edge machinery and adhere strictly to the highest international standards.

Q-BAR Busbar Ranges

Busbar Range from 100A to 10000A

Conductor Choices:



QBAR Sandwich busbars

The QBAR Sandwich busbars integrate advanced materials, innovative design features, and rigorous testing standards to deliver superior performance, safety, and durability. 

These busbars are ideally suited for a wide range of electrical applications where reliability and efficiency are paramount concerns.

QBAR Busbar Trunking System Components

The conductor material is 99.99% pure copper, guaranteeing excellent conductivity