QBAR Busbar Trunking System Components

The conductor material is 99.99% pure copper, guaranteeing excellent conductivity; because our commitment to excellence drives us to deliver high-quality products and services consistently, ensuring the satisfaction and success of our clients.

1- Straight Trunking Element – Feeder:

  • Used for electric power transport.
  • Available in 3000 mm standard length or custom dimensions (starting from 600mm).
  • Supplied with monoblock pre-installed.


2- Distribution Straight Trunking Element/Tap-Off Units on Both Sides:

  • Used for electrical energy distribution with tap-off units.
  • Standard version includes 4 tap-off facilities (2 on each side) along 3000 mm length.
  • Custom lengths with special tap-off facilities (max up to 4 per side) possible after evaluation.
  • Each tap-off facility equipped with automatic device for IP protection degree restoration upon disconnection.


3- Direction Change Element:

  • Enables various layouts.
  • Available in standard and custom lengths.


4- Double Direction Change Element:

  • Double Flat Elbow: Achieves all layouts.
  • Double Vertical Elbow: Achieves all layouts.
  • Vertical + Flat Elbow: Achieves all layouts.


5-  Rating Reducer/Section Isolator:

  • With switch-disconnector and fuse-holder.
  • Connects two busbar trunking runs with different nominal ratings.
  • Used for dividing or electrically protecting parts of the busbar.
  • Standard version includes switch-disconnector and fuse holder (fuses not included).


6- Expansion Element:

  • Standard length: 1500 mm.
  • Absorbs axial movement due to thermal expansion.
  • Installation guidelines:

1- Near building expansion joint.

2- For straight runs longer than 40-50m (1 unit every 20-25m).